Your organization or even default browser settings may block pop-up windows and new tabs from opening as needed to access certain parts of the Ascent Suite. Some examples are for opening receipts to print within the Ascent General Receipting or Ascent Land Records Suites or linking to a document imaging vendor in Ascent Permit Management and Ascent Land Conservation Suites. 

These steps will assist in setting up your machine to allow the pop-up features on only certain, or white-listed, sites:

1. Find your site's base URL

This is the beginning part of the URL you use to access any Ascent Suite programs for your county or municipality. 

Example using Fond du Lac County:

Both of these sites have the 'base URL' of . This is what you will enter as the URL to whitelist, so that regardless of which program you are using, all will allow pop-ups to display as intended. 

Why we recommend using the base URL even if you only ever work in one program: You never know when you may want to hop over to check out something in another suite (Land Records staff may want to see permits or publicly available Farmland Preservation Plan certificate details, Permitting or Land Conservation staff may want to see land records parcel pages, etc.). Setting it up for all programs at once is the easiest and most straight-forward way to future-proof your access to the programs. 

2. Choose the steps based on the browser you use to access Ascent Suites:

In Chrome:

Using the base URL for your Ascent Suite, follow these instructions:

In Edge:

Using the base URL for your Ascent Suite, follow these steps:

  1. Open a new Edge window, and click the three dots, and go to the 'Settings' option
  2. Within the window that opens, open the 'Cookies and Site Permissions' topic.
  3. Scroll to the Pop-Ups and Redirects and click the arrow to open that menu
  4. Click the 'Add' button under the Whitelist section of that page.
  5. Paste in the base URL for your Suite site
  6. Click Add. If you have any Ascent suite pages open, you will need to refresh those pages for this updated allowance to take effect. 

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