Start on the Real Estate search screen (this is the default screen when you open Ascent).

  1. To limit the search results, use the drop down to select your municipality. If you have properties in multiple municipalities within your county, leave this set to <All Municipalities>.
  2. ENTER MINIMAL INFORMATION TO GET THE BEST RESULTS! Start with something unique, like your last name or your first and last name to ensure and limit results. Parcel ID, Street Number, Street Name and Mailing Address must be entered as they are stored in the system. See: Public Users - Start Here, for additional information.
  3. Uncheck the Inactive check box to return only active parcels in your results (optional).
  4. Click Find Now to begin the search.
  5. Once you have the desired results, click the red Parcel link to open the tax parcel detail screen.
  6. DO NOT CLICK "LOG IN". The log in is for authorized users only. Public users will never be asked to log in to Ascent. If you are on a log in screen, do not attempt to log in, do not put in a support ticket or contact your county or municipality for a log in or password as there are no log in screens for public users. Simply return to another available search screen to continue using Ascent.

Scroll down to the "Taxes" accordion which is open by default.

7.    Click on the red "Print tax bills" link to open a PDF of the desired tax bill. Print or save the PDF copy.

8.    Click on the red "Tax Year" link to view payment information.

9.    Click “Return to Search Results” to return to the search page. Repeat steps as needed to print additional tax bills.

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