• All questions related to your tax parcel, your tax bill, an address change, navigation or any other questions you have related to this site should be directed to the county.

Passwords and log ins

  • Public users do not need passwords or user names to use this site. If you are asked for either, you are in an access area that is specifically for county and/or municipal staff.

Submitting a ticket

  • Please do not submit support tickets. The support ticket system is for county and/or municipal staff. If you have questions or need help navigating through Ascent, please contact the county directly.

Searching for tax parcels/tax bills

  • When searching the Ascent site, keep in mind that "Less is More". What that means is that you are more likely to get the results you want when you enter in less search criteria. 
  • Most fields have a lookahead feature - when you start typing in the field, the system will bring up suggested matches.
  • If you are using special characters in your parcel number search (example: "-" (dashes) or "." (periods)) and are not getting any results, try entering the number without the special character(s). (Suggestion: It may be helpful to search the municipality (without any other search criteria) to see how the parcel number is represented).
  • If searching for multiple known parcel numbers, enter a parcel number followed by a semi-colon then the next number (no spaces). Example: 123-45;789-65;258-98

See: Performing a Tax Parcel Search/Search Filters/Search Results for additional detail.

  • It is recommended that you do not enter street types when searching Street Name or Mailing Address. Example: If you are looking for XXX Main Street, just enter Main in the Street Name field.
  • Hyperlinks are red. Click on a link to open. 
  • A line through a parcel number indicates that parcel is inactive.
  • Tax bill information (including a link to view/print the tax bill) is located under Select Details in the tax parcel. After locating your tax parcel, click on the red link to open it, then scroll to the Select Detail section and use the drop down to select Taxes. Click a red Tax Year link to view any payments that have been made. Click a red Print tax bills year link to view/print the tax bill for that year. 

See: Viewing Tax Parcels - Parcel Overview Section/Print Property Summary for additional detail.

Paying taxes online

  • First half tax payments may not be eligible for online payment. Check with your municipality regarding payment of first half taxes.

Requesting an address change

  • Some counties allow users to submit online address change requests. Go to the tax parcel you want to request an address change for and open the parcel by clicking on the red parcel number link. If there is a red Request Mailing Address Change link, you can click on it to submit an address change. All parcels with the same mailing address will be returned in the request results. There is a link to select all returned parcels or you can individually select them by checking the box next to each one you want added. Click the red Start Request link to enter the new address. 

See: Requesting an Address Change for additional detail.

  • If you do not see the red Request Mailing Address Change link, please contact the county to submit address change requests.

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