NOTE: This functionality is not available in all counties. 

To use the online payment feature, begin by searching for the tax parcel(s) that are to be paid. See Performing a Tax Parcel Search/Search Filters/Search Results for additional detail on locating tax parcels. NOTE: If you are paying taxes to your municipality, all prior year delinquent taxes must be paid in full to the County prior to paying current year taxes

Click on the parcel number (red link) to open the desired parcel.

The Taxes accordion is open by default. Scroll down and click the red Pay Taxes button. If the Pay Taxes button is white or gray, the option to pay online is not available. 

The Shopping Cart dialog window will open. If multiple parcels with the same mailing address are found, you can add them to the shopping cart by clicking the "Add to cart" link. 

If you are not paying the full amount, you can manually ener a different payment amount. Click "Pay"

You will receive a pop up warning that you are leaving the county's website. Click "OK" to continue or "Cancel" to be returned to the shopping cart:

Depending on the county/municipality and the credit card service they utilize, clicking OK will take you to an acceptance page that will inform you of the fees associated with making a payment online. Select a payment method and click "Make Payment" to continue:

Enter payor detail and click "Submit Payment". 

Your receipt will open and you can then download or print for your records:

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