NOTE: This functionality is not available in all counties.

This section describes how to submit an address change request to the county. This applies to the mailing address of the tax parcel. Perform a tax bill search as described under Performing a Tax Parcel Search/Search Filters/Search Results. Once the search results are displayed, click on the parcel number to bring up the parcel detail page. When the detail page displays, click on Request Mailing Address Change.


A window will display with the parcel or parcels that are owned by the owner of the originally selected parcel. If there is more than one parcel, notice there is an 'Add to Request' check mark next to the original parcel that was selected. A check mark should be placed next to all the parcels to which the address change applies. Click Start Request.

Enter the new address information in the dialog window. Parcels can be removed from the address change if so desired. The name, email, and phone number fields are required. Once everything is set to the new information, click Send Request. This will email a request to the county, who will verify and make the change to the property record.

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