A tax parcel search allows a user to locate a real estate tax parcel using one or more search filters. A search will return the user zero or more candidate results that satisfy the search criteria. The user may then choose a specific real estate tax parcel in order to investigate it in more detail. This section describes how to perform a search as well as important concepts and terminology related to tax parcels, the search function, and the search results.

  • Tax parcel terminology describes important definitions and concepts related to tax parcels including a definition of the a tax parcel, tax parcel numbering schemes, and the notions of active and inactive tax parcels. 

  • Performing a tax parcel search provides instructions on how to utilize the tax parcel search interface to find one or more tax parcels and how to interpret the results.

  • Viewing tax parcel details provides instructions on how to view and interpret a parcel's information once it is selected from the set of results.The tax parcel detail page contains two sections: the parcel overview section and the parcel detail section.

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