If you are a PUBLIC user:

You do not need a password, user name or user log in. Please see Public Access - Overview for information on what features are accessible to the public and direction on how to search for tax parcels, tax bills, real estate sales and more. If you still cannot find what you are looking for, please contact the County for additional assistance.

If you are a COUNTY or MUNICIPAL user:

And you have forgotten your username or password, your first line of support is your internal County contact (someone in your organization who has Admin rights, not TTech staff). Notify them and request their assistance before submitting a support ticket. The County maintains all user names and passwords.

If you are the COUNTY ADMIN:

Click the Manage Users link to add, edit or delete users (lower right corner of search page - you must be logged in.) See Users, Group and Privileges - Overview for additional information (must be logged in to follow link).

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